Why Pre-workout? Why try Boom PreWorkout?

Boom: preworkout from Diamond Nutrition| Learn and see for yourself why its the best

What are Pre-Workouts supplements?

Pre-Workouts are formulated to boost energy and athletic performance. They’re usually in powder form that you mix in with water and drink before exercise. Certain ingredients may improve athletic performance


Caffeine is frequently used in pre-workout supplements to increase energy and focus. Boom has 250mg of Caffeine. Caffeine may improve mental alertness, memory, exercise performance, and fat burn.


Creatine is a chemical compound naturally produced in your body. It’s primarily stored in skeletal muscle, which plays a role in energy production and muscular strength. You can find 1g of creatine in our Pre-Workout.

It’s often included in pre-workout formulas but also sold as a standalone supplement.

Research suggests that supplementing with creatine can increase your body’s stored supply of this compound, thus helping improve recovery time, muscle mass, strength, and exercise performance

Should you take a pre-workout supplement?

If you frequently lack energy or have difficulty making it through your workout, while there are options like a banana, apple with good old H2O, if you still feel like it wasn’t enough, give our Pre-workout a try.

Adequate hydration, sleep, and diet are essential for any exercise routine to optimize your energy levels and help repair your muscles.

That said, if you find that pre-workout formulas work for you, there’s no reason to stop. Just be mindful of their ingredients and your total intake.

Bonus! Learn more about the ingredients that are in Boom Pre-workout in detail.

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